Guests are invited to read the following regulations, to respect the rules provided not only by law but, above all, by the common civic sense and mutual respect.

The residences are all owned by families emotionally linked to objects, furnishings and spaces related to family history. With this, the choice to preserve as much as possible the original appearance of the property depends on the joint will of VeNet and owners to allow the guest an authentic and realistic experience in Venetian culture.

For these reasons, to guarantee a peaceful stay for everyone, we invite our kind customers to treat their temporary home as if it were their own property.








To book an apartment or a room it is necessary to communicate, in addition to the personal and tax data of the Customer, the data of the Credit Card and pay, at least three days before, a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the stay as a deposit.


The balance must be paid to VeNet before the property or room comes into possession.

Acceptances of checks is at the discretion of Management, as well as the payment of a deposit of €200.00 which will be returned on departure after verifying the good condition of the property, furnishings and kits.

In the event of damage, the Management will retain the deposit or review it (when not sufficient to reimburse the damage).


The cancellation of the reservation must be carried out with timely communication to the VeNet office by any means, written or telephone, and until confirmation that the cancellation has been correctly received.

The terms of the cancellation, to obtain the reimbursement of the deposit already paid, are as follows:

In case of daily/weekly booking

- Within 48 hours prior to check-in: no penalty

- More than 48 hours prior to check-in: First day of booking.





Check-in/out times

ARRIVAL TIMES: since there is no concierge service, we kindly request to be advised about the arrival time in advance or notified about possible delays, bearing in mind that for arrivals after 11.00 pm there an additional 20 euros will be chargedCheck-in time is from 2:00 pm onwards (different and specific needs can of course be taken into account). Upon arrival, the customer will be asked for a valid ID as required by law, which will be promptly returned upon registration. Customer data will be processed in accordance with current privacy legislation.The premises will be delivered clean and in perfect order. At this time, the keys of the accommodation will be delivered and all the first useful information will be offered.

ARRIVAL TIME: since there is no concierge service, please communicate the arrival time in advance, including possible delays.

DEPARTURE TIME: check-out should be done by 11:00 am on the date of departure, unless specifically agreed with the Management.



Guests are kindly requested to comply with this rule carefully.Each apartment (or room) is rented only for the number of people requested by the client; this is reported by law to the Police. A greater number of people, without a prior written authorization from the Management, involves potential criminal infringements and the cancellation of the reservation, including expulsion from the apartment without any refunds and possibly other obligations for the customer and unforeseen guests.



In the presence of force majeure that may prevent hosting the guests at the booked property, a similar or better property or room will be assigned at the same price; in extreme cases the reservation will be canceled with the refund by VeNet of the amount paid by the customer without him being able to request further compensation.

The acceptance of the new accommodation extinguishes any right to any further refunds.



The keys delivered are under the custody and responsibility of the guests. In case of loss of the same will be applied a penalty for the change of locks at a cost of 30.00 euros.





Venice is an ancient city. For the respect of the environmental and structural characteristics of the city and for the same good functioning of all the systems and devices of the property, please kindly follow the rules indicated below:



- Use only liquid detergents;

- do not discard food residues, coffee filters, used oil, etc. in the kitchen sink;

- on departure, please kindly empty pantries and fridge of food and personal supplies;

- leave the hobs tidy and clean;

- please dispose of household waste.



- In the toilet, it is absolutely forbidden to throw sanitary pads, diapers, cotton-buds, paper tissues, kitchen paper, cleaning wipes, food residues, coffee filters, used oil, etc.

- please use only and exclusively the hairdryer supplied at your accommodation and not the personal one. The power level of electricity serves the rooms comfortably; however, if you use an excessive power level at the same time (for example, by turning on all lights and other electrical devices), the meter abruptly cuts off the power supply.

Please scrupulously comply with these rules as we cannot guarantee the resolution of any technical problems in a short time and free of charge.



Use the remote controls provided to use the air conditioner. In order to avoid sudden drops in energy and technical problems to the building, it is recommended to avoid the excessive use of the air conditioner, limiting its use only when you are present inside the house with doors and windows closed.



Smoking is not allowed inside the property and in the rooms. This is enforced to protect everybody’s individual rights to health and safety (fire risk) of the environment for all customers.



In compliance with furnishings and kits, as well as the will of the owners of the buildings, animals are not allowed.



Silence should be observed from 11.00 pm to 08.00 am and between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm, during which all the tenants of the building are entitled to rest.



Responsibility: the keys delivered are in the custody of the customers. In case of their loss a 30-euro fee will be charged for the replacement of locks.

VeNet Srl is not responsible in any case for thefts that could occur inside the rented apartment or room. For this reason, we invite our customers to always close all the access doors to the property or room and with this to keep their documents and valuables.



All the independent apartments/rooms offered to the customer have been carefully selected and checked by VeNet Srl. However, upon arrival, the guest can check the general state of the property, survey the inventory, the working condition of appliances, the internal regulations and, in case, make any complaints within 24 hours of checking in. For any complaint, guests are kindly invited to contact the person in charge of their stay who will take action to solve any problem.

Repairs for failing to follow the rules (displayed inside each property or room) during the stay are the responsibility of customers. For all claims made 10 days after the end of the lease the customer will not be entitled to any type of compensation.